This is the second time I spoke on pensions yesterday (6.12.17) in the Dáil debate on the Social Welfare Bill 2017. We have been promised a report on pensions inequality for the last 9 months and still waiting. Pensioners for Equality, the campaigning group, will be interested to hear the new date in Jan, when we can expect the report. Lets make sure it happens.


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JOAN BURTON PULLED THE TRIGGER, BUT FIANNA FAIL LOADED THE GUN. The target was pensioners, women pensioners in particular. And now FF have the brass neck to pretend they care about the fact that thousands of mostly women, recently retired or soon to be, will be down in their money by €30 a week. Why did they agree to the budget that endorsed this? We know what the Blueshirts are like, but Fianna Fail are classic kippers – two faced and gutless.

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DESCRIMINATION AGAINST PENSIONERS – MOSTLY WOMEN PENSIONERS – A DISGRACE. I was on the Tonight Show a few days ago. Its amazing how despite the government agreeing that it’s ‘bonkers’ that 23,000 pensioners loose up to €30 per week due to a change in the rules, yet they did nothing about it in the budget! People Power – Feet on the Street! its the only thing that will shake them up

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I’ve just finished speaking in Dail to the new Social Protection Minister. I spoke mostly on the pensions issue, and also about how unfair, and unproductive it is, to ignore tax cheats in the corporate sector, while hounding the poor. Will she be any better than Leo? Don’t hold your breath.

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