I put a number of questions to the Minister for Social Protection at Dáil committee. The discussion was about the forthcoming budget. I asked her about pensions, and when pensioners that had been discriminated against could expect the back-money owed to them, as well as asking about fuel poverty, low pay, new jobs, carers’ allowence and supports for low-income families with older children still in school. Her answers were mostly ‘wait and see’, and can be viewed here https://bit.ly/2xGuS0a. Pensioners though, should be getting their money as soon as the government recruits enough staff to process the claims. How long did it take to process banker’s bailouts? overnight, as far as I can remember.

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NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Leo’s mask slipped today when pressed over the issue of helping the vulnerable to avoid freezing! I asked him to guarantee fuel for those most in need, in the face of the big freeze – after all, he’s plenty of money (€5 million) to spend on his ‘spin doctors’. But instead of making that promise he got all narky and accused us of wanting to waste money on a referndum about water. We need water and we need fuel – we don’t bloody need HIM OR HIS SPIN!

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