Bradleys attempt to whitewash the crimes of the Para regiment cannot go unchallenged; I demanded that Coveney, instead of having dinner with Bradley, call in the British ambassador and support calls for her to resign. She didnt “misspeak” her claims that British soldiers never committed crimes because they were following orders is an attempt to give impunity to killlers who butchered innocent people in Derry , Ballymurphy, and across the North.

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Harris has been widely criticised by victims groups of state/loyalist violence
Bríd Smith TD  of People Before Profit has called on the Government to withdraw the appointment of Drew Harris as the Garda Commissioner, calling the appointment an insult to all victims of state collusion with loyalist violence.
Mr Harris has been widely criticised by families who have been affected by state/loyalist violence in Northern Ireland.
Bríd Smith TD said: “We oppose the appointment of Drew Harris to the position of Garda Commissioner because of the very serious allegations of obstructing the search for truth and justice in regard to state and loyalist violence in the North.”

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The Dáil is debating Northern Ireland – this will be a regular event! I was happy last night to have the opportunity to outline People Before Profit’s attitude to such issues as Brexit, Women’s and and LGBT+ rights, Irish unity & the language, the DUP and corruption. PBP is the only all-Ireland party, bar Sinn Féin, to have elected representative North and South and we welcome these debates wholeheartedly.



I spoke yesterday in the Dáil about Northern Ireland. What James Connolly called ‘a carnival of reaction’ is right in your face, two rotten states, north and south, that pamper the corporations and ride roughshod over workers rights. And the same right-wing agenda is being persued whether the terms are laid down by the EU, the Tories, or the FG/FF ers. Tackling their policies by mobilising workers will do more to resist borders whether hard or soft, orange or green, or designed by Fortress Europe.



I questioned the Taoiseach on the corruption scandal in the North and his meeting with Arlene Foster – the disgraced First Minister. Half a billion sterling has been wasted by those ín the know’- money that should have been used for health, education, housing – things people need. I’m very proud that our People Before Profit MLAs – Gerry Carroll and Eamonn McCann, were the first to highlight this issue in Stormount and demand change. Lessons here for the South