Great demo on Sunday May 8th – proud of our People before Profit contingent on it. Outrageous that the government would even consider giving the nuns, with a disgraced record in caring for women and children, control of our new National Maternity Hospital – not to mention the €300 million of public money

ONLY LAST MONTH VINCENT’S HOSPITAL DENIED A WOMAN STERILISATION ….. and yet Minister Simon Harris wants to let the same nuns run the new National Maternity Hospital. I questioned him on this in the Dáil today – he says lots (we’ve cut this clip), but mostly his emphasis is the ‘legal assurances’ in the deal – so don’t worry!! Sounds like he wants to give public money to barristers and nuns rather than provide the services women need. I called for SUPPORT FOR DEMO THIS SUNDAY 2PM, organised by Parents for Choice, meeting Parnell Square.

NATIONAL MATERNITY HOSPITAL, CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY – DEBATE ON NEWSTALK 106 . Brid was on Newstalk today with Mattie McGrath and Colm Brophy FG. You might find the clips here interesting.

I was proud to address the demo today organised by Parents for Choice outside Holles Street, on the issue of the nuns being gifted with our new €300 million National Maternity Hospital. If you could imagine any group of people LEAST appropriate to this task, then the nuns would have to be it. Those who made millions on the abuse of women and babies over the years now get to run a new hospital, paid for out of the public purse, for mothers and babies!! You couldn’t make it up!. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO PROCEED. This has to be the first demonstration of many.