The government says they’re against LNGs, yet a huge LNG terminal is being built at Shannon!Last week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told the government they would not meet the target of a million ElecticVehicles (EVs) by 2030. This government, and the Greens in it, are presiding over a shambles of an environment policy. We say : NO to LNGs; YES to free, frequent, public transport.

Its amazing the way they have to be dragged to the truth. Thank God the Incredible Hulk (actor Mark Fuffalo) is on our side! Fracked Gas POISONS AND KILLS. We should NOT import it to an LNG terminal in Shannon or anywhere else. We must invest in renewable energy, for jobs and planet, and stop pretending fossil fuels are ok meantime. This was on The Tonight Show last night

Gas Networks Ireland were at our Dáil Climate comtte today. Bottom line is: their job is to make sure gas gets pipped (and profits are made on it), not to worry about the climate. They don’t state it as baldly as that, but that ‘s what I get from their answers. What do you think?

Varadkar, fresh from his UN Climate gig in New York, is forging ahead with plans to import fracked gas as LNG (liguified natural gas), poisonous to bio-sphere and humankind (but very profitable!). I pushed for a Dáil discussion, at the very least, on this before it went through. Today we had that discussion – this is what myself and Richard Boyd-Barret had to say

On the Late Debate radio programme (live streamed) Brid challenged the statements to the effect that the proposed LNGs (Liquid National Gas) hubs would not contain fracked gas.

CLIMATE HYPOCRITE! Varadkar boasts in New York how he’s against oil exploration, but is ok with gas exploration. But you don’t get one without the other! He’s ‘spinning’ climate abuse! And at the same time he welcomes importing FRACKED GAS – viciously poisonous to the environment. I discussed this on The Late Debate the other evening (this is an audio clip from the show)



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