Yet again, the beds at the Linn Dara facility In Cherry Orchard have been cut from 24 to 13. a huge reduction in a vital service for young people struggling with mental health issues. This comes at a time of rising suicides of young people in the wider area. Nothing highlights the failure of this Govt more than this: years in power and again unable and unwilling to address the shortages of nurses and others in our health service. We need to bring huge protests outside the Dail on this. 17.10.18

6 SUICIDES, MOSTLY YOUNG WOMEN. That’s the shocking record over the Summer in the area served by Linn Dara mental health facility. And yet beds are closed in it. Why? Becuase they can’t get enough nurses. Why? Becuase they won’t pay enough to retain staff and thereby ensure the stress is shared among a fully staffed unit. So they screw nurses with rotten pay deals, price accommodation out of their reach, and then say “it has nothing to do with money”. Disgraceful