As part of a mediation process, workers in very good faith commited to easing up the pickets while talks are taking place.
KPMG on their part committed to not removing stock while these talks are ongoing.
But they have removed stock from stores at Mahon Point in Cork, from Newbridge, from Tallaght, and yesterday, packers from KPMG were stacking up the stock in Henry Street.
This is an appalling act of bad faith.
Will the Taoiseach intervene and ensure that KPMG hold their side of the bargain??

The government  (using our money) are KPMG’s biggest customer. KPMG received multiple millions in government contracts over recent years – costs, seemingly no object. Like the €11 Million for advice on Broadband, that turned out to be a fiasco. KPMG are now the liquidators for Debenhams. So couldn’t government Ministers call in KPMG and demand justice for #Debenhams workers.  Of course they could. I put this to Eamonn Ryann today in the Dáil.