I was glad that at least the Taoiseach has agreed to look into expediting a requested meeting with the family of Noel Donohoe. It’s a year now since the unexplained death of the teenager in Belfast. Our support and sympathies are with his family.

Going on 10 years ago now, a young man Shane O Farrell was killed by a drunken criminal who was at large, and who should not have been. There are more questions than answers surrounding Shane’s killing, but his family have remained dogged in demanding a public enquiry into the strange circumstances surrounding his death. I again asked WHEN will we have the enquiry.

The strange and tragic death of Shane O Farrell deserves a commission of investigation. This was agreed last year by a two thirds majority in the Dáil, yet the Minister seems to be letting an unelected judge decide on what happens in this case. Why? The Minister reads his brief but does not inform.

It was my privelege to welcome the sole survivor of the MIAMI MASSACRE, and others seeking justice in Northern Ireland, to the Dáil gallery this afternoon. The appointment of Drew Harris as the new Garda Commissioner down here, is a ‘knife in their back’. I explain why I said this in this video clip.

The killing 6 years ago of Shane O Farrell by a man who should have been serving one of the 19 offences he was convicted for, but was instead out on bail, is more than a travesty of justice. It stinks to high heaven.