BUILDING WORKERS PROTEST Like the titanic, the construction sector is headed for an iceberg and disaster unless we can force a change of direction. A High Court judge has removed the legal protection that building workers enjoy – including set wages, pensions and overtime rates. We need to get these protective measures back The failure of social partnerships means workers must now force the agenda! Friday 10th of July, represents the start of a coordinated effort on behalf off and by construction workers. To save and enhance the rates and rights of those employed in the sector and to establish greater solidarity of purpose with other sectors and the broader public. The rates and rights of workers of all sectors of employment are in jeopardy, but it is in construction that the fight will first take place. In 2007 we were fragmented and disorganised. In 2020 we must be organised to fight back! Join your union, be active in it and fightback! Save Our SEO. Protest, Friday, 10/7/20.

There’s a Bill before the Dáil about changing the way judges are appointed, which is by each other, and by the establishment political parties (though they like to pretend otherwise). We want a role for lay people in the process of appointing judges. Why? Because keeping it ‘in house’ as it now is, means more of the same – the ‘Great and Good’, the same priveleged, well-connected, elite scratching each others backs and keeping their disgusting self-serving system free from public scrutiny or influence. Brid spoke on this in the Dáil the other day.