On our Jobs committee we had a report from researchers called Indecon, that showed that Jobs Clubs and Local Employment schemes are supportive and effective. They’re a public service, not to be confused with #JobPath and Seetec, which are private, ineffective, and punish more than they support. Yet what was the recommendation? That we should look for PRIVATE bidders for the good PUBLICwork that the Jobs Clubs and LE schemes do!! Doesn’t make sense. This is coming from a right-wing, for-profit agenda, driven by the EU. It must be resisted.

Brid questioned Minister Mary Mitchel O’Connor today on the type of jobs and pay that we are creating here in Ireland. While the Govt congratulates themselves on ​attracting investment and creating jobs, the hidden reality is that we are looking at the growing incidence of  low pay and precarious contracts that leave workers with little security or quality of life. So nothing to crow about Mary….