The Irish Aviation Authority is meant to keep air travel safe and protect customers rights, in line with best standards. So you’d expect the top job to be awarded to someone who has worked in an environment of very high standards. Would you believe they gave the job to an ex RYANAIR BOSS? He headed up the Ryanair operation in Malta, before getting his new job as IAA supremo. Talk about the fox being put in charge of the hen-house….! Maybe they’ll put Denis O Brien in charge of Irish Water next?


HELICOPTER DEATHS-THE DARK SIDE! We now find out that not only did the rescue services have dodgy maps – they had dodgy safety equipment and were complaining about this, literally for years before the terrible acccident in Mayo. I referred to this on radio on Saturday. The Irish Aviation Authority deny responsibilty. So does the Minister. Meantime the families still grieve and light touch regulation puts more brave rescue workers at risk. This stinks to high heaven.

RYANAIR – A DANGER TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC? A potentially toxic relationship exists between the Irish Aviation Authority and Ryanair. The IAA is the ONLY regulator in Europe that’s funded by the airlines it regulates – it made a profit of 40million last year and it gets a lot of money from Ryanair. This has serious implications for health and safety. Ryanair pushes it pilots to limits that would not be accepted, or legal, elsewhere in Europe. This stinks to high heaven.

Reps from Irish Aviation Authority and Commissioner for Aviation respond to questions put by Brid Smith TD, People Before Profit, at the Dáil Transport committee. Bríd queried the standards used by the IAA and CAR as applied to Ryanair, compared with the more stringent standards used by their UK counterparts.