WHAT SORT OF SOCIETY ARE WE LIVING IN? The robber bankers walk free, two hundred thousand empty properties while homeless children sleep in the park. Meantime our government and the media focus on the beauty contest between two failed ministers. And none of them will support progressive legislation to address the housing crisis.

Brid argues that Coveney’s housing bill represents an attack on the planning process, while pretending to address rent contol. She cites delaying tactics and failure to bring in adequate rent controls currently and historically, as examples of Fianna Fail, as well as Fine Gael, consistently serving the interests of the landlord class and REIT fund holders.



People Before Profit will table amendments to the Planning Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Bill today in the Dáil in reaction to Simon Coveney’s rental strategy announcement.

The plans for a 4% annual cap on rental increases for private renters are hopelessly inadequate and totally ludicrous in a context of inflation running at 0%. It will have little or no impact on the rental and homelessness crisis in Ireland. The Minister’s plan only deals with the rental market in Dublin and Cork and should be nationwide. Simon Coveney’s plan is a fake plan that will do little to ease the pressure on tens of thousands of tenants.Read more »