If you pay-as-you-go for fuel, chances are you might have availed of the €100 fuel subsidy allowance at the start of Covid. The gas and electricity companies that awarded this subsidy are now looking for it back, and are reclaiming it at 60%. So that if you put in a tenner’s worth for fuel, you actually only get €4 worth. This was the big favour they did for poor people!


NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Leo’s mask slipped today when pressed over the issue of helping the vulnerable to avoid freezing! I asked him to guarantee fuel for those most in need, in the face of the big freeze – after all, he’s plenty of money (€5 million) to spend on his ‘spin doctors’. But instead of making that promise he got all narky and accused us of wanting to waste money on a referndum about water. We need water and we need fuel – we don’t bloody need HIM OR HIS SPIN!