clips of Brid’s comments on the need to KEEP IT IN THE GROUND, and the fossil fuel industry’s aplogists (like Senator Tim Lombard, FG) who have tried to bury the Climate Emergency Bill.

In a blistering attack on the Taoiseach over his loyalty to the fossil fuel industry lobbyists, Bríd calls him out as a liar. Leo denies being lobbied – it was just ‘a cup of coffee’ with his fossil fuel mates – that ended up with the Climate Emergency Bill being scuppered.



I GOT FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES! Fair play to my comrade Richard Boyd Barret who took on the job of challeging the proceedular trickery of the powers that be in ‘the house’ today. My Climate Emergency Bill, despite being passed overwhelming so far, has been put into ‘limbo’ by undemocratic means because the fossil fuel industry doesn’t like it. Here’s the exhange in the Dáil earlier. Thanks Richard.

I questioned officials from the Department of Agriculture . We have one the worst records in Co2 emissions and our plan is to increase those emissions in agriculture, despite what the IPCC report tells us is happening. They really dont get the urgency of tackling #ClimateChange, and while our forest cover is among the lowest in Europe, planting monocultures of Sitka spruce will do nothing to help the environemnt or climate. Nor will Govt policy help lower-income farmers, who could play a huge and progressive role in mitigating climate change

Media Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit, 06/11/2018

Bills benefits would far outweigh any costs says Brid Smith TD

People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith has labelled an Oireachtas report on the proposed bill to ban exploration for oil and gas as “pure fantasy” based on “pretty flimsy economic grounds”.

The research explicitly excluded looking at any economic benefits of the ban while much of its figures are based on “what if” scenarios that speculate on some find in the future.Read more »

Press Release 31.10.18

Brid Smith TD has described as extremely worrying comments from Sean Canney while addressing delegates at the Atlantic Ireland exploration conference in Dublin.

The Minister effectively pledged Government support for future exploration for gas and oil in Ireland. He criticised a proposed Bill from Brid Smith of People before Profit that would ban future licencing for exploration saying it would do nothing to reduce Irelands emissions.Read more »