Bríd was on the Late Debate on Radio1 recently about water charges and made the case for how water could, and should be paid for by taxes on wealth and corporations, not on ordinary people. She got the better of Jim Daly, FG and Cormac Lucey, Financial Analyst, fair play to her.

€4 billion was wiped off the Irish Stock exchange yesterday. You probably never knew there was so much wealth or paper wealth here. The chances of a new global recession are growing by the day. Talk of a ‘fiscal space’ is becoming just fantasy economics.
We need to re-distribute the wealth – so that we do not end up carrying the cost of another crash. That means voting for a party that will tax the rich – make them pay their full corporation tax; take the €18 billion in back taxes from Apple, and stop people like Denis O’Brien designating themselves as ‘tax exiles’.