JOINED UP THINKING WOULD BE GREAT. But our State and its agencies don’t do much of that. We have an eco-friendly company producing energy with low emissions, certified as highly efficient by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that is being denied certification because it is ‘inefficient’ economically – ie. in making enough profit !! #GretaThunberg where are you?


If you’re concerned about the climate , the ministers answer to my question on LNGs (Liquified Natural Gas Terminals) should terrify you. An Bord Pleanala has extended planning permission for one at the Shannon: they are huge floating reservoirs for stored gas , in this case most likely fracked gas from North America; one of the dirtiest forms of fossil fuels. It makes a mockery of our ban on fracking here and our committmenst to reduce Co2 emmissions. Plans to build these are a way of locking us and Europe into another 50 years+ of reliance on fossil fuels and stopping the switch to renewable energy we and the planet desperately need. Fair play to environmentalists fighting this; for more info check these sites; Not Here, Not Anywhere NHNA – Friends of the Earth LNG strategy sessionFriends of the Irish Environment Friends of the Earth Ireland, March Climate in Rome Italy

While disappointed that my amendments didn’t succeed in changing the new Energy Bill, I am happy that we made some progress on challenging the corporate bias in state agencies like the SEAI (Sustainable energy Agency). The new bill states that people with experience in the fight against climate change and the environment will be sought for board vacancies. I understand there are two vacancies coming up and I would urge all interested from the “Environmental pillar” to apply and see if we can put climate and other environmental issues into the heart of this important state agency.Read more »