We failed to achieve our targets last year to reduce harmful emissions, so we have to pay a fine of €50 million. This will continue to rise because we’re still NOT doing enough of the right things to reduce emissions. There are accountancy tricks and a ‘fantasy’ about how the €50million is used. Smoke and mirrors from Eamon Ryan by way of explanation, but the facts remain it’s a waste of public money, and when we need so much – wages for student nurses and midwives for instance, services for sick children and children being failed by our ridiculous system. I spoke in the Dáil Climate Committee yesterday about this, and how it relates to CETA.

Press Release 31.10.18

Brid Smith TD has described as extremely worrying comments from Sean Canney while addressing delegates at the Atlantic Ireland exploration conference in Dublin.

The Minister effectively pledged Government support for future exploration for gas and oil in Ireland. He criticised a proposed Bill from Brid Smith of People before Profit that would ban future licencing for exploration saying it would do nothing to reduce Irelands emissions.Read more »


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