I spoke last week in the Brexit debate in the Dáil, but felt I had to first address the ridiculous proposition being peddled by our establishment that somehow Biden and the EU hot shots are the friends of ordinary Irish people. They are not – they are simply champions of the capitalist class in their own countries, and will use the Brexit debate to further their interests, not ours. I also spoke about role of the border and how poorly served are ordinary Protestant workers by the vile bigotry and extreme right-wing politics of the DUP. James Connolly was so right – “..a carnival of reaction…” is what he predicted by the establishment of the border – how well we see that being played out in everything from responses to Covid, to the current Brexit debates.


The Dáil is debating Northern Ireland – this will be a regular event! I was happy last night to have the opportunity to outline People Before Profit’s attitude to such issues as Brexit, Women’s and and LGBT+ rights, Irish unity & the language, the DUP and corruption. PBP is the only all-Ireland party, bar Sinn Féin, to have elected representative North and South and we welcome these debates wholeheartedly.