Inequality still alive and well in Ireland with consultants due millions in compensation on top of inflated salaries

Inequality is on the rise still in this country despite the propaganda of the government. Reports have surfaced today stating that HSE consultants will be due millions in compensation because their already very large salaries were not paid at higher rate to encourage them to treat more public patients.

With the pay restoration coming in this month under the Lansdowne Road agreement consultants are set to get even more money.

People Before Profit spokesperson, Bríd Smith, said:

“This is an example of bald-faced inequality with these consultants winning a case in the Employment Appeals Tribunal where they are set to be paid for contracts that were agreed, by the then Minster for Health, Mary Harney, before the crisis. The majority of the instalments of this agreement have been paid already.

“We have major inequality in this country and it is still on the rise despite what the government spin machine would like you to believe. Today we have Bernardos saying that they are dealing with more children than ever before. The numbers of people considered to be the ‘working poor’ have sky rocketed. In 2015, one in seven people living in this state are living in consistent poverty. We have nearly 5,000 children homeless. We also have a serious issue in regards to the floods in the south and west of the country.

“Surely this money would be better off going towards alleviating the homelessness crisis or being invested in flood defences for the Shannon where we are seeing many people lose their homes and livelihoods.

“Instead, what we are seeing are consultants who are already on seriously inflated salaries, getting these salaries topped up. This is glaring inequality and demonstrates the serious issues of the gap between rich and poor in this country.”


Further information- Bríd Smith- 087 909 0166



Press Release from Cllr Brid Smith:

An emergency motion on Clerys proposed by Cllr Brid Smith of People Before Profit has just been passed by the South Central Area Committee and will go to the full City Council Meeting on 6 July. It states:

“This area committee calls on Dublin City Council to refuse to grant any ‘change of use’ planning permission in respect of Clerys Store on O’Connell Street to Natrium unless this company meets with representatives of former Clerys workers to discuss saving their jobs or financial compensation by way of enhanced redundancy payments

Cllr Brid Smith said, ‘The treatment of Clerys workers has been an absolute disgrace – vulture capitalism at its worst- and a result of the policy of successive governments to hand over so much of Dublin to property speculators. This motion is a gesture of solidarity with the Clerys workers and hopefully it will make more difficult for these unscrupulous operators to walk away from their responsibilities to their staff.’

Ends. Contact Brid Smith 0879090166