DENNIS O BRIEN’s hard neck is astounding. He’s LOOKING FOR OUR MONEY again, this time to help fund his radio stations. Fm106 and Newstalk (his stations) made a big pitch to TDs to get a recent Fianna Fáil motion passed, that would give the stations PUBLIC MONEY to include news and current affairs on their programmes. I spoke about this in Dáil. That was on Thursday. Then on Friday – JOY! The news of his failed court case !!. Maybe he’ll set up a Go Fund Me account!!

The ongoing Dáil discussion around the Media Ownership Bill 2017, only confirms how badly our country is served by those in power. LOWRY was there keeping an eye out for his pal & benfactor DENNIS O’BRIEN – who sued other media outlets & individauls 12 times in recent years. And of course the news outlets this litigious bully owns, ignored the report calling down his disproportionate media power. I spoke in the Dáil yesterday on this and related matters, as this clip shows


The Dail committee that oversees media issues met regarding the merger involving Dennis O Brien’s Independent News & Media. As a member of that committee, Brid questioned Minister Naughton on various aspects of the merger including the presence of Michael Lowry on the committee scrutinising it.

A very dangerous media merger has been proposed that would give DENNIS O BRIEN control over virtually the entire country. Bríd fought hard last night in the Environmental committee, and in the Dáil today, to raise awareness and to get a delay on giving the go-ahead on this merger, through a process of public scrutiny.

€4 billion was wiped off the Irish Stock exchange yesterday. You probably never knew there was so much wealth or paper wealth here. The chances of a new global recession are growing by the day. Talk of a ‘fiscal space’ is becoming just fantasy economics.
We need to re-distribute the wealth – so that we do not end up carrying the cost of another crash. That means voting for a party that will tax the rich – make them pay their full corporation tax; take the €18 billion in back taxes from Apple, and stop people like Denis O’Brien designating themselves as ‘tax exiles’.

A recent Oxfam report has shown how the top 1 percent of billionaires are gaining more of the world’s resources as 62 billionaires now own more than 3.6 billion people.


Ireland is doing its very best to help this trend towards grater inequality by creating a tax haven for its own 1% billionaire class.

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