I put questions to Minister Coveney – again – about the appalling pay and conditions that our defence forces have to endure, and crucially, why PDFORRA are not permitted to be part of the ICTU where public sector pay is negotiated. I sense a change in attitude, hinted at, if not committed to, by Simon Coveney, with regard to #PDFORRA and the ICTU. His change of tone comes towards the end of this video, from today’s Dáil proceedings. Keep after him lads (and lasses!) !!

Our soldiers and sailors are workers and they have a right to proper recognition of their union, PDFORRA, and to be in ICTU. I asked today in the Dáil why the delay over this. The dithering is not acceptable. The forces are loosing members hand over fist because of bad pay and conditions;we’re loosing the very people we rely on during floods and storms to save our communities. This is not good enough.


Topics discussed were the recent health workers strike, defence forces pay, the public procurement process and the role of the Gardai and GSOC

We take great pride in the work our defence forces have done in the Mediterranean for instance, saving the lives of thousands of refugees, or how they help at home in more and more extreme weather events, snow, floods etc. But they are low paid workers and need to organise to ensure proper remuneration for their good work.

In the Dáil today, Brid asked the Minister about pay for Defence Forces men and women, and how he expects to hold onto staff when wages are so low that many army and navy families are dependent on Family Income Supplement to make ends meet. He doesn’t see a problem. But then he wouldn’t would he, on a six figure salary plus expenses.