A seriously complex Bill relating to a huge stimulus package, being pushed through with little opportunity for scrutiny. Germany and France have not yet signed up, but we are being pushed to get this done ‘yesterday’. And what about the German banks last time, and the so-called ‘reforms’ ! Last time, to suit the banks, it meant huge cuts with the most vulnerable being hit hardest. And what about businesses that operate both sides of the border? You can’t but help smell a very large rat here.

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SO WOMEN AND BABIES DON’T MATTER? 28,000 women signed the petition organised by Support Maternity Leave Extension 2020. It would be a simple matter to just agree to the extension for the duration of the Covid crisis, and relatively, the cost is not huge. Yet the government, shamefully, are proposing an alternative that makes no sense. I spoke about this yesterday in the Dáil.

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The Govt,HSE and health department want to spin the story that everything was done correctly at the right time for our elderly on nursing homes. But the figures for deaths say differently, so do the stories from staff of having no PPE or adequate testing. How can we learn any lessons if no one admits mistakes were made? If we really want to honour those who died we need to stop contacting out the care of our elderly to private homes and make sure we have publicly run care centres with proper staffing levels and medical facilities. We can start by taking over ST Marys centre Telford into public ownership and stop its proposed closure.


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