The government want to use the Covid payment to divide workers and deflect attention from who is really benefitting from the emergency – gougers like Denis OBrien & Larry Goodman. Meantime, new mothers are terrified as their maternity leave comes to an end and they face a return to work with reduced supports and the absence of childcare, in these most dangerous times. Maternity leave and benefits MUST be extended. And the Ministers ‘pass the parcel’ again, to each other, to avoid meeting the very urgent and distressing needs of these women.

How readily the authorities jump to accusations of abuse of the Covid payment for workers. Yet the likes of Ryanair will benefit from the State maintaining their workforce – all out of the public purse. They made over a €Billion in profit last year. After Covid – they, and other like them, should be made to pay a ‘Covid Solidarity Tax’ back to us – the taxpayers.