I spoke at the debate tonight in the LEO THE LEAK debate. You know what way its going to go – he’ll get away with it – again. Because FF and the Greens will stick with their government pals in FG, all sharing the same common interest of keeping their snouts deep in the Dáil trough. Meantime normal people working in the health service as carers, as para-medics (like those in the National Ambulance Service Representative Association) are hung out to dry. We’ll remember Leo the Leak, Leo the Liar.


The gist of this is that the now Tanaiste, then Minister for Justice, knew they were trying to stitich up Maurice McCabe and did nothing about it. We’ll be voting no confidence.

I questioned the Taoiseach on the corruption scandal in the North and his meeting with Arlene Foster – the disgraced First Minister. Half a billion sterling has been wasted by those ín the know’- money that should have been used for health, education, housing – things people need. I’m very proud that our People Before Profit MLAs – Gerry Carroll and Eamonn McCann, were the first to highlight this issue in Stormount and demand change. Lessons here for the South

The real legacy of Ahern and FF/FG; corruption, bad planning and prioritising developer’s profits. After 150 million euro and 20 years we still haven’t acted on the Mahon tribunal.


Amazing how upset FF and FG got in the Dáil today when reminded of their ‘brown envelope’ past. €150 million of taxpayers money went on the Mahon tribunal and how many corrrupt politicians got done? One. At the very least apply the recommendations of Mahon and make relevant political donations clear when applying for planning permission.