There were many fine speeches in the Dáil this evening in response to the SF motion on mother and babies homes. But talk is cheap – we need to DO something. Brid proposed an amendment that we SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE. That would mean taking the wealth off Bon Secours – taking our hospitals into State control; getting rid of the religeous off the boards of management of our schools; and recind the deal done by former FF Minister Woods with the religious, which hugely favoured them, over clerical child sex abuse.


Opening a “shocking slap in the face” to victims of Bon Secours Mother and Baby Homes following revelations at Tuam

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has today condemned the actions of the Finance Minister who today attended the official opening of the Bon Secours hospital Limerick at Barringtons.

Deputy Smith said, “A top government Minister attending the opening of this Bon Secours Hospital in Limerick today, after the revelations of the Tuam Babies is a shocking slap in the face to the victims of these Mother and Baby Homes.

“The Church and the State colluded to cover up these vile acts and the disgusting mistreatment of women and children.

“I want to reiterate the call for the Bon Secours sisters to be disbanded and for compensation through their assets to be allocated to an official memorial for the victims of the Mother and Baby Homes.

“Michael Noonan’s actions today are a total and utter disgrace, especially during the week after the horrendous findings in Tuam. Have they no shame.”