Brid makes the point that survivors of of church-run mother and baby homes have yet to be compensated for the horrors they experienced and the blight on their lives, and that no criminal prosecution has begun  of any of those responsible. She further agues that the most fitting tribute to the memory of the women and babies who suffered at the hands of the church, would the separation of Church and State forthwith.

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Press Release- Bríd Smith TD



PBP TD says Minister Harris should reverse decision to grant control of National Maternity Hospital to Sisters of Charity which ran infamous Magdalene Laundries who refuse to pay promised redress

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has said that she is disgusted to hear of the news that Health Minister, Simon Harris is to grant control of the new €300 million State funded National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity Religious Order.


The Dublin South Central TD said that it is a disgrace that in the aftermath of the Tuam Babies scandal and the failure of the Sisters of Charity to pay full promised redress to the victims of the Magdalene Laundries and other cases of institutional abuse that the Minister should hand over control of this State funded maternity hospital to a religious institution.Read more »

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Press Release- People Before Profit – 05/03/2017

People Before Profit call for full apology from Bon Secours to victims of Tuam

Calls for Bon Secours consider disbanding for conspiring in heinous Tuam crime

Calls for people to mobilise for woman’s right to choose and Repeal of the 8th Amendment on International Woman’s Day

In a statement, People Before Profit have called for the Bon Secours sisters to make a full and unreserved apology to the victims of Tuam and to open up all their files on the Mother and Baby Homes for public scrutiny.

Bríd Smith TD said, “The case of the Tuam babies is one of the most sickening and disturbing stories of our time.

“At the very least there is a case of deliberate neglect of children born outside marriage which led to death by malnutrition.

“People Before Profit are calling for the Bon Secours group, who are at the centre of this case, to transfer assets to a memorial to victims of their catholic fundamentalism.

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