THEY EXILE OUR CHILDREN rather than give them the medicine they need. Heartless! But then they say there is not enough evidence for MEDICINAL CANNABIS benefits! Lies! They refuse to look at the mountain of evidence that exits.

Bríd and Mick Barry (Solidarity) were on Morning Ireland on RTE radio this morning; here’s brief clips on 3 things: 1 Our housing Bill – we want the RIGHT TO A HOME IN THE CONSITUTION. 2 On the promised Referendum we say REPEAL NOT REPLACE. 3 On the issue of cannabis oil for sick people we say MAKE IT MEDICINE.

People Before Profit deputies are all very proud to speak to Gino Kenny’s Bill in the Dáil last night – well done Gino – the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Bill will make a real difference to the lives of many.

Brid moves bill on legalisation of cannabis for medical use