Light touch regulation is no regulation at all, and without regulation, unscrupulous builders, suppliers, developers etc, will rip us off, as thousands of families in the West have discovered. And it’s still going on – with the Strategic Housing Development plans set to tear up our communities, and the outrageous ‘give-away’ to developers, of our public land, by the Land Development Agency. The government, who should be preventing this madness, is instead facilitating it. They have to go! #micaredress


STOP THE SAFE PASS PRICE GOUGE! The pandemic is being used to increase prices. Safe Pass was selling at 80 euro in March. Now Safe Pass costs 160 on average in Ireland. During the pandemic it has often cost as much as as much as 200. In the case of provision through another language it sells for up to 250 euro. With manual handling cert, 280. Minister Harris’s Department of Further and Higher Education oversees Solas who set the standards and approve licenses for these courses. Safe Pass should not be a key income stream or cash cow for any company or organisation. Please sign the petition calling for an end to this price gouging.