I spoke in the Dail last night and reminded the Minister of the rotten history of these charges…privatisation, loss of waivers, increasing costs and illegal dumping, and crucially – the profits of the operators who registered off-shore to hide how much they make off us. I put the PBP proposal: Fund local authorities to run the services. Meantime – an immediate price freeze before abolotion of all charges.

I was on Claire Byrne’s programme on the radio on Saturday. The short clip here shows how independant the ‘Independant’ Finian McGrath is – his comments are a big wet kiss to Minister Naughton over bin charges. Remember election time ? Saying you were an ‘Independant’ was the big ‘buzz’ – remember? – not like those horrible left wing ‘Parties’ like People Before Profit. And McGrath was considered a left-wing ‘independant’! Shame on him and the rest of his governemnt buddies.

Bin charges set to soar in the great bin rip off

New charges proposal a “blank cheque” for waste companies to boost profits

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has said that the recent announcement that the government are set to ban flat bin charges fees will see a massive rise in charges.

According to the People Before Profit TD, the proposed changes are purely devised to facilitate the profiteering of the waste collection industry.

Previously in the Dáíl, Deputy Smith likened the waste collection industry as something akin to the Sopranos.Read more »

AAA-PBP submitted a motion today to reverse Bin Charge hikes and to reinstate waivers for low income families – both the bitter legacy of neo-liberal policies of successive Governments.

Simon Coveney has since been back pedalling rapidly, talking of introducing a new Statutory Instrument next week.

The Government is backing down already. Let’s see how they vote next week!