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“Government and media fear genuine trade unionism in the public sector” says Bríd Smith.

The onslaught of media attacks on the ASTI is being driven by a “fear of real trade unionism taking hold in the public sector” according to a group of TDs who today called for support for the ASTI campaign for equal pay for equal work.

The propaganda reached new extremes in this weekend’s Sunday Business Post where the ASTI was presented as a dysfunctional, outdated organisation run by inexperienced people.

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Deputy Brid Smith has called on the Department of Education to withdraw threats it has issued to teachers in the ASTI.Teachers are been told they must sign up and agree to substitution and supervisor duties by tomorrow or face been taken off the payroll.Brid Smith said today: “this is the worst example of bully boy tactics and intimidation I have seen in a dispute in years. If any employer in the private sector behaved like this it would be outrageous, but the fact that this is the Government makes it even more so.”

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A selection of clips from ‘The Week in Politics’ on RTE yesterday: Bríd spoke on Budget 2017, ASTI, public sector worker demands, Sinn Fein and the role of the Left in Irish politics. FG, FF and SF were also on the panel.