Gas Networks Ireland were at our Dáil Climate comtte today. Bottom line is: their job is to make sure gas gets pipped (and profits are made on it), not to worry about the climate. They don’t state it as baldly as that, but that ‘s what I get from their answers. What do you think?

CLIMATE HYPOCRITE! Varadkar boasts in New York how he’s against oil exploration, but is ok with gas exploration. But you don’t get one without the other! He’s ‘spinning’ climate abuse! And at the same time he welcomes importing FRACKED GAS – viciously poisonous to the environment. I discussed this on The Late Debate the other evening (this is an audio clip from the show)


FRACKED GAS (LNGs) poisons ground and water in the USA and the bio-sphere of our planet. Our government wants to sign off on importing LNGs here without discussion in the Dáil; I ‘kicked-up’ and called for a vote. The video here records the row. Note this and remember it: FIANNA FAIL AND FINE GAEL BOTH VOTED FOR FRACKED GAS


Lord Deben (aka John Selwyn Gummer – Chairman of the UK Committee on Climate Change) was a witness at a Dail climate change committee. I had the opportunity to put a number of issues to him about environmental concerns here, before Xmas. All his responses were too long to include here but his defence of fracking is. That’s Tories for ya!

Bríd asked the Minister WHY NOT LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND? It was so sneaky; just after the Dáil rose for the Summer he granted a license for oil and gas exploration at sea, to a company owned by O’Reilly Jnr. Before the Dáil rose, the NO FRACKING Bill was passed, the Bill that would prevent fossil fuel extraction on land. So its okay at sea?? And there was no satisfactory answer forthcoming. How could there be to betrayal, not just of campaigners but of the people and planet itself. Shameful!

Brid Smith TD reports from her committee meeting earlier:  “I’m deeply suspicious about the report on fracking as presented this evening by the EPA and CDM – a company themselves engaged in fracking – to an Oireachteas committee that I’m on. The committee deals with environment and climate change; the Dáil has decided to ban fracking, so why are we now considering how it might be done ‘safely’ ? There is no safe fracking. There is no justification for increasing fossil fuel use. Leave it in the ground.”