Ryanair accused of 1913 style tactics by TD

“Bullying, blackmail and threats will not stop campaign for the right to union recognition,” says Brid Smith  TD

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has said that a letter sent by Ryanair to pilots in Bergamo Italy should be condemned by the Irish Government and the Minister for Transport Shane Ross.

Deputy Smith said the letter was the worst example of intimidation and bullying by an employer she had seen in 30 years of trade union activity.

The letter is signed by Eddie Wilson as the ‘Chief People Officer’. It tells the pilots union recognition ‘will not happen’, that the company will meet any campaign ‘head on’, while threatening to freeze annual allowance payments, promotions and transfers. It also threatens to move aircraft from Bergamo to other non-union bases.

Smith claimed the letter is part of a campaign by Ryanair that is, “hysterical, threatening and aimed at denying workers a basic right; the right to join and have a trade union negotiate on your behalf.

“Such a campaign has no place in Ireland in 2017 and is more reminiscent of 1913.”

She called on the transport Minister Shane Ross to condemn the letter and other threats aimed at Irish based pilots by Ryanair.

“If we had decent workers’ rights legislation here Ryanair could not use its Irish base as a sort of dumping ground where they try to use lax Irish regulations to their advantage. I fully support the pilots’ right to trade union recognition and so should every other TD and trade unionist in this country.”


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