Racism and Immigration Policy

People Before Profit Racism and Immigration Policy


  1. People Before Profit declares itself completely opposed to racism in all its forms, including Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and anti-Traveller racism. In opposition to racism we regard the ordinary people of every nation, ethnic group and creed, as our sisters and brothers.
  2. All the mainstream political parties in Ireland and across Europe view immigration as a ‘problem’ to be dealt with more or less harshly. People Before Profit rejects this view. Without migration human development would have been impossible.
  3. Immigrants are welcome here. Their presence enriches our society. We seek to unite with them in the struggle for a better Ireland and better world.
  4. We are opposed to the politics of scapegoating minorities and all our public representatives and spokepersons combat it.
  5. We oppose the policy of ‘fortress Europe’. We believe that Europe should open its borders and that within Europe, Ireland has a duty to accept a proportional share of refugees from war, oppression and persecution.
  6. We should treat asylum seekers and refugees with decency and humanity. We stand for an end to direct provision. We oppose all deportations.
  7. People Before Profit supports the right of all residents to vote regardless of race and citizenship.
  8. People Before Profit opposes Islamophobia: we reject the idea that there is a particular link between Islam and terrorism.
  9. People Before Profit is against terrorism and we reject the demonisation of Muslims.
  10. We support the right of Muslim people, along with all other religions, to practice their religious beliefs and we defend the Muslim community against any discrimination or racist attack.
  11. People Before Profit supports the struggle of Traveller people against racism and for full equal rights. We call for:
  • The recognition of Traveller ethnicity by the Irish state;
  • A public enquiry must be conducted into the Carrickmines tragedy;
  • The establishment of an Independent national Housing Agency to oversee the delivery of safe and culturally appropriate Traveller Accommodation;
  • Travellers with relevant expertise and selected by the National Traveller organisations to be co opted into the Seanad to be represented on relevant government committees and to be visible within the relevant state departments;
  • The restoration of cuts to Traveller services and the improvement of those services, to include Education, Health, Employment and Equality programmes;
  • We oppose all discrimination and bigotry directed at the Traveller community and call for a policy of zero tolerance on racism where:
  • politicians who use the anti-Traveller card to win votes should be held accountable – expelled/banned for going for public office;
  • media bias which feeds prejudice and discrimination against Travellers will be challenged and offenders held accountable.

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