‘Pro-Life’ shows its true colours

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit
Involvement of right wing propaganda agency linked to alt-right, hard-line brexiteers and Trump campaign shows the true nature of the pro-life movement, says Bríd Smith
People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has said that the hiring of Kanto by an Irish anti choice group highlighted the nature and probable tactics of those campaigning against Repeal.  Kanto was heavily involved with hard-line Tory and UKIP brexiteers , the alt-right and the Trump campaign

The TD for Dublin South Central, who has campaigned for the repeal of the eighth amendment since before its insertion into the constitution in 1983 pointed out that Kanto and its founder, Thomas Borwick, have “worked with some of the most vile and dangerous people of the alt-right such as Mercer family who have funded the Donald Trump presidency campaign and other alt-right movements.
“Borwick has also had affiliation with Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart news, when he worked in Cambridge Analytica which is owned by Rober Mercer.
“This shows us the kind of people that the so called pro-life movement in this country are comfortable working with: some the most right wing, racist and ultra conservative people in the world today.
This means we will hear lies, smears, and misleading propaganda by anti choice supporters in a desperate bid to stop woman winning control over their own bodies
It underlines how important it is that people get involved in their local Repeal groups to counter this well funded propaganda campaign. My message to Kanto and the anti choice groups behind this is you will not stop us repealing the 8th and you will not drag us back to the dark days of the 1980s regardless of how much money you throw at propaganda campaigns.”
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1 Comment on “‘Pro-Life’ shows its true colours

  1. What utter delusional claptrap. But what else is to be expected from ill educated, left wing moron,s who advocate and promote the deliberate targeting and killing of defenceless innocent human beings, because their existence is inconvenient to another!
    I mean just look at this deliberate contrived falsehood “misleading propaganda by anti choice supporters in a desperate bid to stop woman winning control over their own bodies. Only the severely intellectually challenged could possibly swallow this drivel!
    The developing child mutilated and killed during abortions is not and never was part of anyone else’s body. Everyone has control over their own bodies but such rights have limits. For example, I have the right to swing my fists in the air, but that right stops at your nose.
    Its real a shame these left wing muppets lack the intelligence to see the unbridled falsehoods, blatant misinformation and total ignorance of their self serving narcissist campaign they promote to destroy innocent human life.