Press Release: People Before Profit TDs call on Sinn Fein to explain Trump invite

No legitimate reason for Sinn Fein to ‘cuddle up’ to racist bigot Trump

People Before Profit TDs, Richard Boyd Barrett and Bríd Smith have expressed their disbelief and shock, at reports in the Belfast Telegraph today, that President Trump had been issued an invitation to visit Northern Ireland by both Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness in November 2016 and that he would be given a ‘warm welcome’.

They said the invite flew in the face of statements made in the south by the Sinn Fein leadership about Trump.

Richard Boyd Barrett will be speaking, as a representative of People Before Profit, at the United Against Racism demonstration against Trump’s racist Muslim, refugee and immigrant travel ban at the US embassy tonight at 6pm.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said, “I am totally shocked and disappointed with the news that Martin McGuinness sent this fawning letter to Donald Trump knowing his vile agenda of racism, hatred, sexism and prejudice.

“It is really quite hard to understand in the South Sinn Fein’s senior TDs and members of their leadership have been making statements and condemning Trump’s racist and dangerous policies and yet at the same time their most senior representative in the North invited Trump to Ireland without even a word of criticism of his dangerous agenda.

“Back in November, when the letter was sent, it was still abundantly clear to even the dogs on the street, before the travel ban was implemented, that Trump’s statements and policies were disgusting, dangerous, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic and militaristic.

“It is really quite hard to believe that Martin McGuinness signed this letter effectively legitimizing and normalising Donald Trump’s scandalous statements and policies.”

Bríd Smith said, “It really is extraordinary that Sinn Fein leaders can support protests in the south over this monster while simultaneously inviting him to visit in the North. What kind of United Ireland do they have in mind? A Ireland that stands in solidarity with all those who are at the receiving end of Trumps hatred or a United Ireland based on kowtowing to the rich and powerful across the world?

“We knew in November what kind of beast this man was, so they can’t pretend that his actions over the last week change things; this was and is his policy; racism, discrimination and hatred where his hall marks and Sinn Fein knew that.”



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