People Before Profit TD welcomes the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment Report

Report is a huge step forward for the Repeal movement

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has welcomed the report by the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment.

The TD for Dublin South Central said that the report outlining recommendations calling for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution and for abortion to be made available to women in this country, unrestricted up to 12 weeks is a huge moment and a historic day.

“I welcome the committee report which calls for repeal of the 8th amendment which has inflicted untold misery on thousands of women since its insertion into the constitution three decades ago. Repealing the 8th should allow us to provide the best obstetric and maternity care available to women.”

She pointed out that while the report was a huge step forward for the repeal and pro-choice movement, there is still a long way to go in achieving women’s full bodily autonomy in regards to reproductive health care.

“It is great that the committee has realised that women’s reproductive health care does not belong in the constitution.”

She said: “it is now time for the Dáil to accept the recommendations of the committee, not to dilute them at all and act quickly to announce a referendum which offers a simple question to the people- do you want to repeal the 8th Amendment or not? And we need this no later than May.”

“Anyone under the age of 52 has not had a chance to have their say on this.

“It now falls to the repeal movement to organise, mobilise and win the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment.”


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