People Before Profit TD condemns cancellation for the third time of IALPA evidence to be heard at Transport Committee

Press Release- Bríd Smith TD, People Before Profit 05/12/2017

Failure to hear important evidence from pilots could have grave consequences- Bríd Smith TD

It is with dismay that Deputy Smith learned today from IALPA (Irish Airline Pilots Association) that tomorrow’s meeting of Transport Tourism and Sport Joint Oireachtas Committee on Working Hours for Pilots and Implications for Pilots Welfare has been cancelled for the third time.

Bríd Smith TD said, “This is a matter of grave public concern. The issue of airline and aviation safety needs to be examined and understood by the Oireachtas Committee. The cancellation without reason of this important meeting tomorrow morning could have grave consequences.

Deputy Smith went on to say, “it is now clear the relationship between the Department of Transport and the Irish Aviation Authority is not dissimilar to the relationship of the Department of Justice and the Gardaí.

“Serious questions need to be asked on the cancellation for the third time of this important evidence to be given by IALPA.”


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