People Before Profit condemns appointment of Drew Harris as Garda Commissioner

Press Release

Harris has been widely criticised by victims groups of state/loyalist violence
Bríd Smith TD  of People Before Profit has called on the Government to withdraw the appointment of Drew Harris as the Garda Commissioner, calling the appointment an insult to all victims of state collusion with loyalist violence.
Mr Harris has been widely criticised by families who have been affected by state/loyalist violence in Northern Ireland.
Bríd Smith TD said: “We oppose the appointment of Drew Harris to the position of Garda Commissioner because of the very serious allegations of obstructing the search for truth and justice in regard to state and loyalist violence in the North.”

Relatives of victims of loyalist violence have condemned him for seeking to thwart their search for truth and accountability when the state killed people, this is in sharp contrast to the Government attempt to portray his appointment as radical and a fresh measure. Bríd Smith said that like his predecessors in the South, Mr Drew represents the interests of the state, not of ordinary people.
She said: “The survivors of the Miami Showband massacre has described his appointment as ‘a massive step backwards’ and that his appointment was a ‘hammer blow’ to victims of British Security Services and loyalist gangs.

“We cant turn a new page on past Garda malpractice by replacing past failed heads with someone who has serious questions to answer about their handling of some of the most violent events in our recent history.”


Contact- Bríd Smith TD- 087 909 0166
Nick Lee (Press Officer)- 087 615 6473