PBP TD calls for support for Bus Eireann workers

People Before Profit TD, Brid Smith, has urged workers and trade unionists across the country to support the Bus Eireann workers’ fight against planned cuts due to be introduced by management.

Following the collapse of talks today, a dispute seems inevitable at the company.

Deputy Smith slammed the management plan, saying it was based on fantasy figures and would undermine the entire national bus network, especially isolated rural areas.

She said: “It is part of the race to the bottom, a drive to a low wage, flexible hours economy that must be resisted by all workers.”

Deputy Smith claims the cause of this dispute rests squarely at the feet of the Government and the transport minister.

“If Minister Ross won’t intervene he is essentially saying it is ok to slash worker’s wages by 30% and introduce flexi-hour contracts into a state employer. The root cause of this is systemic underfunding since 2009 and the deliberate policy of paying private operators more for the free travel scheme and giving them lucrative licences for busy routes” said Smith.

Deputy Smith went on to say: “should a dispute break out as a result of this failure of talks, Bus Eireann workers will need the support and solidarity of all transport workers especially in CIE. This attack on pay and conditions could be visited upon any group of workers; it has been caused by a policy of privatisation by stealth, of underfunding and of driving down worker’s wages to the level of the non-union private sector.”


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