We are a haven for bad employers and no wonder – our country is sold to international investors as a low waged, few rights for workers, light-touch regulation and low corporate tax rates. No wonder have 4000 children homeless, 200,000 children living in poverty. Contrast that with the vision of the first Dáil, 100 years ago. I spoke about this yesterday in the Dáil.

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WE’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!!! I don’t think so. Our schools were, and continue to be, under-resourced. How can our teachers – too few in number – control Covid? I talked about this on The Late Debate (that’s me there, like the bold child in the corner!!) Sept 15th

Aramark are a huge company making millions, billions indeed, globally. AIB bank hired them to provide catering services at their head office. And now both walk away from workers with decades of commitment to their job like workers don’t even matter. And this is becoming a pattern – Debenhams for instance, among others. That’s why solidarity is so important.

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Many Frontline workers have no sick-pay scheme – they’re employed by agencies that don’t offer one. What a choice then if they feel ill – TEST AND GET NO MONEY FOR 2 WEEKS OR DON’T TEST, AND PUT YOURSELF AND OTHERS AT RISK (but at least you’ll have the rent money)!!!!! I sit on the government special Covid committee and there is NO SENSE OF URGENCY about these risks, and others, to carers or patients. I spoke about this recently on The Late Debate on RTE radio 1, Sept 17 (I think)

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