Big Phil Hogan was put back in his box by thousands of us who protested, and won, over Water Charges. But we are still waiting for the promised referendum on putting into the Constitution, the commitment to keep our water out of private hands. And now we hear the public service workers involved in water services, 3,200 of them, who were transferred to Irish Water on the promise that they remain ‘public service’, are now faced with an attempt by Irish Water to go back on their word to them. This is not on. Neither is the delay on the referendum. I spoke about our #Right2Water issues, and the workers rights, today in the Dáil.

VACCINATIONS CANCELLED WITHOUT WARNING! Almost a hundred people over 85 years, in Ballyfermot today, were left worried and anxious when the vaccinations they were expecting to have, failed to materialise. No warning from the HSE. No answer at the other end of the phone. Just typical of FF,FG, Greens cock-up in what they do about Covid. WE NEED TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL SOLIDARITY to beat this thing, and that’s just what the government are squandering with their shoddy arrangements, and ridiculous new Bill, that won’t impose quarantine for non essential travel for another 4 weeks, and even then, in the most incomplete, half-assed way. I spoke in the Dáil today about this.

I spoke on The Tonight Show last night about the HALF-ASSED GOVERNMENT PLAN ON QUARANTINE. While we can’t travel more than 5 kms from home, there are, and will continue to be, plane-loads arriving here from 5,000kms away, and who is monitoring where they go?? And what have they done to make school safe? or to ensure adequate vaccine supplies?

THE DAIL WILL DEBATE TOMORROW ON MOTHER AND BABY HOMES. You will probably be aware that the Commission set up to investigate the Mother and Baby Homes scandal, have set out to destroy the testimonies of the survivors. HOW DARE THEY! And Minister O Gorman may, or may not, retrieve a back-up copy of the tapes. For God’s sake – this is important history – is this the best they can do? We say RESPECT THE SURVIVORS – demand those tapes now!

So the schools are set for gradual re-opening. ARE WE SURE IT’S SAFE? The government have had nearly a year to improve safety, to ensure proper space and ventilation, to employ more teachers. But have they? Not that I can see. Our communities include the children. They must be safe if the wider community is also to be safe. The worry is YOU CAN TRUST FF/FG/GREENS ON NOTHING!

WAS ENOUGH DAMAGE NOT DONE? How shameful to treat the survivors on the Mother and Baby Homes, as though they don’t matter. The Commission set up to investigate their issues, produced a report that effectively abuses the survivors by disrespecting their testimony and then by erasing it. I spoke in the the Dáil, to an amendment that looks to retrieve the files containing their stories, and to SHOW SOME RESPECT.

Abuse of workers, and of farmers, is widespread in the meat industry. We know this. We also know that with Covid in the mix, this has enormous health implications for the mostly migrant workers, and the communities they live in. And yes, new guidelines have been brought in. But are they enforced? Who’s checking? Are there UNANNOUNCED site visits? I put these and other questions to the Minister in the Dáil

I asked the Tánaiste yesterday what had been done about making schools safe, or even safer. All very well talking about opening up to the schools, but 16-18 year olds are a particularly high-risk group. So, during their closure, have they improved school class rooms? recruited more teachers, improved ventilation? Still waiting.

NOTHING ABOUT US, WITHOUT US. Once retired, workers have no say is what happens with their pensions. Pensions rights can be attacked and undermined in the WRC (Workers Relations Commission), and those who depend on them for their livelihoods can be left powerless. Today I proposed a Bill that would give retired workers rights to have a say in what happens to their pensions, which are in fact deferred wages. Every worker today, could be affected by this In the future