People Before Profit’s European election candidate for Dublin, Cllr. Brid Smith is calling for full disclosure from Oxigen and the Enviromental Protection Agency about the nature of the hazardous waste on the premises in Ballymount during the recent fire. She is calling on the EPA to immediately disclose any potential dangers for local communities.

Commenting, Cllr. Brid Smith said:

“Smoke and fumes from the Ballymout fire poured over the adjacent housing estates in Walkinstown, Drimnagh, Crumlin and Rialto. Local communities are naturally very concerned about any potential dangers to their areas following the fire. Of partcilar concern is asbestos.

“The Oxigen plant in Ballymount is licenced by the EPA to act as a Transfer Station for Hazardous Waste, mainly asbestos. According to their annual report for 2012 in total 3,342 tons of hazardous waste was received in that year, of which 1,789 tons contained asbestos, amounting to more than half the total.

“Asbestos is extremely dangerous if breathed in and the local people have a right to know if they have been exposed to this danger. An Inquiry, with full disclosure of what was contained in the fire and any potential side effects for local communities, is urgently required. “