People Before Profit Childcare Policy


  1. Childcare should be provided as a universal right. It should be funded through a universally applied progressive taxation system.
  2. In the immediate term, parents should receive a state subsidy for childcare so they only pay a fraction of the cost and fees. As in Denmark parents should pay at most 30% of running costs but services should be free to many low-income families.
  3. Expand the learner Fund to provide support to allow childcare workers to professionalize to progress to FETAC levels 7 and 8. And increase pay levels for these workers.
  4. There needs to be an increase in the regulation of all child-minders and after school services
  5. Paid leave which includes maternity leave, should be structured in such a way that a parent is enabled to remain at home for at least a child’s first year.
  6. Paid paternity leave should be extended and balanced with maternity leave.

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People Before Profit LGBT Policy


People Before Profit campaigns for full equality for LBGT people. We want:

  1. An end to the ban on gay or bisexual men donating blood.
  2. The abolition of section 37.1 of the Employment Equality Act which allows educational and medical institutions run by religious bodies to discriminate against those who do not conform to the religious ethos
  3. Hate crime legislation to deal with homophobic and transphobic attacks and proper recording of data on such attacks.
  4. Compulsory, age-appropriate sex education which deals with issues around gender, sexuality, consent and contraception

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People Before Profit Racism and Immigration Policy


  1. People Before Profit declares itself completely opposed to racism in all its forms, including Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and anti-Traveller racism. In opposition to racism we regard the ordinary people of every nation, ethnic group and creed, as our sisters and brothers.
  2. All the mainstream political parties in Ireland and across Europe view immigration as a ‘problem’ to be dealt with more or less harshly. People Before Profit rejects this view. Without migration human development would have been impossible.
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People Before Profit Natural Resources Policy


  1. Take all oil and gas resources into public ownership. People Before Profit will nullify all existing agreements with oil companies and place a moratorium on all licensing rounds until the new model of state management has been introduced.
  2. Introduce a new model of hydrocarbon management. This will be premised upon (a) public ownership of resources, (b) stronger state participation through production sharing and service contracts, and a national oil company, and (c) higher rates of financial returns through increased rates of corporate tax and royalties.
  3. Develop and fund an integrated industrial development strategy comprising upstream and downstream activities. Public ownership of our natural resources will become the cornerstone of a new development strategy that will replace a reliance on foreign multi-nationals.
  4. Use funds and infrastructure from oil and gas activities to diversify Ireland’s energy supply. People Before Profit favours developing and moving towards more sustainable forms of energy production which would have additional industrial, economic, social, and environmental benefits. *
  5. People Before Profit will design and implement a new system of consultation and planning for hydrocarbon activities based on the active engagement of all stakeholders. All exploration, production, and processing activities will be subjected to transparent, fair, and participative permissions processes involving community participation in decision making. Hydrocarbon activities will only be authorised when there is community consent.

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People Before Profit Healthcare Policy


  1. For a National Health Service that treats people according to medical need and not the size of their wallet — For better Health by Effective Funding and Access to Healthcare
  2. For Reducing Health and Wealth Inequalities by Wealth Redistribution and Health Promotion Plans
  3. For Building Resistance to Cuts and Privatisation in Health Care — For Cuts in Profits not Cuts in Healthcare
  4. For Community Health Councils and Community Health Plans — For Open Local Democracy not Political and Corporate Corruption
  5. For Government Responsibility Nationally and Community Participation Locally

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In the nineteenth century, Karl Marx wrote:

“Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted by the past. The traditions of all the dead generations weigh like a nightmare on the brain of the living”. (Marx 1979, p.103).

This aptly describes the experience of exclusion and discrimination for people with disabilities. Read more »

People Before Profit Policy on Abortion


People Before Profit:

  1. supports the repeal of the 8th amendment to the Constitution.
  2. supports a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding reproduction, including the right to free, safe, and legal abortion
  3. will continue to campaign for proper supports and equality for families and children.

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People Before Profit Education Policy


  1. Education should be funded and managed exclusively by the State rather than handed over to various patron bodies.
  2. Establish a maximum class sizes: Our longer term goal is a maximum number of students in any class, anywhere in the country, should be 18.
  3. School transport, uniforms, meals, educational materials and play and PE facilities provided free in all schools.
  4. Employ lab assistants to cater for Science and ICT classes
  5. Restore supports for vulnerable pupils and all those with special educational needs
  6. Introduce modules on philosophy, political economy, arts and media studies in second
    level to promote creativity and civic awareness.
  7. Abolish university ‘registration’ fees; extend and improve maintenance and
    back-to-education grants.

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People Before Profit Water Policy


  • Oppose water charges.
  • Support for an organised boycott to defeat them.
  • Abolish Irish Water as a quango.
  • Direct public control over water treatment and supply.
  • For real conservation through mechanisms such as rainwater harvesting.
  • For an investigation into the activities of Siteserv.

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People Before Profit Housing Policy


  1. Declare a national housing emergency
  2. Build 50,000 council houses– 10,000 a year over 5 years. This will cost €3 billion in the first year and a total of €7 billion over 5 years, but it will become self-financing by year 6 and into the future. This programme will also provide jobs in the construction sector and add to revenue receipts.
  3. Transfer of 20,000 NAMA housing units to local authorities.
  4. Introduce immediate Rent Controls. Establish a new Rental Board that oversees rental prices according to transparent criteria. Reduce rents where they do not meet these criteria and limit rent increases to the rate of inflation.
  5. Give tenants security of tenure to protect them against homelessness.
  6. Legal measures to outlaw discrimination – an end to “Rent Allowance not Accepted”

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