Memet Uludag’s Open Letter to the People of Dublin 15, Castleknock-Blanchardstown

MemetPoster“Dear people of Dublin 15, Castleknock and Blanchardstown

As you may know, since April 30, there have been numerous racist acts of vandalism on my election posters.

First, a number of my posters in different parts of the ward were plastered with raw bacon…
• Then, a number of my posters were ripped apart, smashed…
• Next, some posters were taken down…
• Finally, there are now pictures of pigs placed on my face on the posters

This form of racist attack (‘bacon attack’) is a well known method used by the far-right, neo-nazis in the UK and some other European countries against Muslims.
I love my bacon, but not on my election posters, rather in the morning on the frying pan. Does it matter who, which candidate, has what beliefs or comes from what background?
What is happening to my posters is outright racism and it is not a spontaneous act of vandalism. Nobody walks around with a pack of bacon, pictures of pigs, Read more>