Housing Policy

People Before Profit Housing Policy


  1. Declare a national housing emergency
  2. Build 50,000 council houses– 10,000 a year over 5 years. This will cost €3 billion in the first year and a total of €7 billion over 5 years, but it will become self-financing by year 6 and into the future. This programme will also provide jobs in the construction sector and add to revenue receipts.
  3. Transfer of 20,000 NAMA housing units to local authorities.
  4. Introduce immediate Rent Controls. Establish a new Rental Board that oversees rental prices according to transparent criteria. Reduce rents where they do not meet these criteria and limit rent increases to the rate of inflation.
  5. Give tenants security of tenure to protect them against homelessness.
  6. Legal measures to outlaw discrimination – an end to “Rent Allowance not Accepted”

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