Eurostat confirms that Irish Water is not viable

   Lyons photo BS with megaphone Water demo
In a statement, People Before Profit councillor, general election candidate and a member of the steering group of Right2Water , Brid Smith, has labelled the announcement by Eurostat that Irish Water has failed its viability test to go “off balance sheet” as a historic moment and a critical blow to Irish Water and the government. Cllr Smith pointed out that people power is working and that Irish Water is dying a death. Brid Smith has called for everyone to get out for the Right2Water protest on 29 August.

Cllr Smith also said that in her opinion the Minister for Environment and Local Government, Alan Kelly TD, must resign over this as his position has now become untenable.
Cllr Smith said:
“This is a momentous day for this country and for ordinary people. This is a catastrophic blow dealt to Irish Water and to this government. It shows categorically that we, the people, are winning.The facts are that mass demonstrations and non-payment have sunk Irish Water. 57% non payment proves that Irish Water is not viable.
It is clear that Irish Water has failed. What is also clear is that the boycott and non-payment strategy has worked and that people power is the best way to fight austerity. Working people who have sacrificed so much have brought this quango to its knees and handed a huge blow to the neo-liberal agenda of the government and the Denis O’Brien’s of this world.
I am calling for the Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, to resign because his position is now untenable. Massive amounts of money have been wasted on this fiasco and if he had any decency in him he would resign.
I reiterate the call to people that we are winning. We must continue to stick together and boycott Irish Water, continue the non-payment campaign and we also need everyone out on the 29 August for the Right2Water demonstration”.
For more information:
Cllr Brid Smith- 087 909 0166

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  1. WE are winning, was on all the water protests, and will be there on the 29th Aug, with my bros and sisters, the way things are going at this moment, it could be scrapped before then.