Cllr Bríd Smith calls for emergency funding for Traveller accommodation

Cllr Bríd Smith calls for emergency funding for Traveller accommodation


 Cllr Bríd Smith calls for emergency funding for Traveller accommodion

People Before Profit councillor and general election candidate Bríd Smith, has called for the convening of an emergency meeting of Dublin City Council with the Department of the Environment and Local Government in regards to the totally inadequate funding of Traveller accommodation services.

Cllr Smith said “the Traveller accommodation services are desperately underfunded and overcrowding on sites has become a serious issue.  Travellers are being forced to live in intolerable conditions which are seriously hazardous. Since the awful tragedy in Carrickmines we must ensure that we urgently address these conditions. The cuts to Traveller funding overall in the recent past has been disgraceful. The budget for Traveller accommodation is now €330,000, a sum which will not even come close to addressing the problems.


“We have a duty to make sure that the tragedy that happened in Carrickmines never happens again. I am putting forward this motion for the Dublin City Council councillors to meet with the Minister and his department, for proper funding for Traveller accommodation to be made available. Furthermore I am calling for the funding to be made available for fire safety training for the communities as a matter of urgency and that the necessary resources are released for an audit to be conducted on each halting site around the country.


“I commend the Chief Fire Officer and his staff who meet with Councillors and Traveller Reps today and gave a commitment to provide the training for the communities and to conduct the audit. For this to happen though, we need proper funding to be allocated to Dublin Fire Services and for Traveller accommodation services from the Government.”




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