81 countries round the world have the right to housing written into their consititution. So why shouldn’t we? Richard Boyd Barrett and I introduced a Bill today to get just that. We want a referendum on an amendment to the constitution, guaranteeing the RIGHT TO A HOME. This is our fourth attempt to get a Bill on the housing crisis passed. Before, we wanted (1) anti-eviction legislation,(2) rent controls, (3) NAMA to provide for social housing, not bargains for developers.The government parties shot down these Bills. Lets see if they will shame themselves again, or do the right thing

The housing debate is not about bedsits, whatever language you use. Its much bigger than that. The government must declare a housing emergency and abandon the fantasy that the private market can solve the housing and homelessness crisis. People Before Profit will put a bill to the Dail on first day of its return – the Bill proposes to amend the constitution to insert the Right to secure, affordable housing ahead of the right to private property

Voluntary sector rent charges higher than many local authorities claims Brid Smith TD.Tenants face 1000 euro per year difference between local authority and voluntary housing rents”

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has said that the rent charged by some voluntary housing agencies was out of synch with that charged by  local authorities  and needed firmer Government regulation. The deputy claimed that tenants cannot appeal rent rises by their voluntary agency to the RTB and effectively there was no control or oversight over these agencies.Read more »

Cluid have raised people’s rents with little control or regulation from the Govt. We need to be able to control what agency’s do when using public money and of course we need a lot more public housing in the first place

WHAT SORT OF SOCIETY ARE WE LIVING IN? The robber bankers walk free, two hundred thousand empty properties while homeless children sleep in the park. Meantime our government and the media focus on the beauty contest between two failed ministers. And none of them will support progressive legislation to address the housing crisis.

Brid was on Vincent Brown, with Jim Callaghan, FF TD, discussing housing. To their great shame, FF refused to support the Anti Eviction Bill put to the Dáil before Xmas ’16. Yet they want us to believe they have changed and are now ‘good guys’, and those of us on the Left are the ones who are up to no good.


PBP TD slams Coveney for totally disgraceful and inadequate response to serious breaches of overcrowding and conditions in rental properties by landlords

Housing minister and Taosieach candidate effectively shrugs his shoulders at serious exploitation

People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has slammed the response of the Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney, to a question she asked in the Dáil regarding a number of incidents where homelessness people and vulnerable tenants have been grossly exploited by landlords.

Ms Smith asked if the Minister would be bringing in legislation to prevent this exploitation by private landlords of homeless people and vulnerable tenants.

Ms Smith made particular reference to the case of mass overcrowding at a house in South Dublin where 70 tenants were being given bunk beds for €200 per month in a five bedroom house at The Pines, Lehaunstown, Cabinteely; overcrowding in three houses in North Dublin where there was a fire yesterday evening; and the development, today, of exploitation by the owner of an internet café on Talbot Street who charged homeless people to sleep on the floor and on chairs.

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Brid asked Minister Simon Coveney if he is going to bring in any legislation to deal with scandalous exploitation of homeless people and vulnerable tenants.
Coveney is the Minister responsible for housing and potentially the next Taoiseach. His response was totally inadequate and disgraceful