REFERENDUM FOR MAY – That’s what we have to hold Leo and FF to. Yesterday in the Dáil I asked him when, and May is what he said his preference was for, but because FG don’t have the majority they need, they’ll be depending on FF’s co-operation. And we’ll be making sure they’re both held to account.

People Before Profit TD and member of the Dáil committee on the 8th amendment has said that tomorrow’s meeting which will vote on a range of issues is a historic opportunity to end the constitutional clause which has brought untold suffering to women.

Welcoming signs that the committee will recommend a simple repeal referendum as well as accept the right of women to choose abortion up to the first 12 weeks, Deputy Smith said that while historic tomorrow’s vote was in reality just the beginning of the end of the 8th amendment.Read more »

The Joint Committee on #repealthe8th is finishing up its work. Those of us on the committee were asked to sum up our views having listened to testimonies from a series of expert witnesses over the last number of weeks. This clip of my contribution. Strike 4 Repeal Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment Abortion Rights Campaign

I sit on the Joint committee for Repeal of the 8th amendment. Dr Caitriona Henchion, from the IFPA was like a breath of fresh air. It was very helpful to put questions to her about the socio-economic factors surrounding abortion and choice. I was glad too, to have the opportunity to thank the IFPA for all their good work through the years, and from a personal perspective

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EUROS OF PUBLIC MONEY IS GOING TO ANTI CHOICE ORGANISATIONS. I sit on the Joint committee on Repeal of 8th. Yesterday reps from the Crisis Pregnancy Programme (CPP), a state agency funded through the HSE, attended the committee meeting. The CPP provides funding for counselling services for women with crisis pregancies. About a third of the counselling centres nationwide, funded through the CPP with public money, wont give women who need it, information on clinics in England or elsewhere, where they might go for an abortion. This is outrageous!

Bríd is on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Dr Anthony McCarthy, a very clear and experienced psychiatrist working in maternity care responded to her questions and showed that the resources needed to implement the rediculous PLDPA are woefully inadequate. 8.11.17

I’m on the Dáil committee to consider the findings of the Citizen’s Assembley regarding REPEAL 8TH AMENDMENT. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to ask questions about the statistics available internationally and as far as possible, nationally, which was very helpful. If anyone would like a copy of the these stats, please get in touch. The clip is a bit ‘glitchy’, but you get the sense of it.