If you’re concerned about the climate , the ministers answer to my question on LNGs (Liquified Natural Gas Terminals) should terrify you. An Bord Pleanala has extended planning permission for one at the Shannon: they are huge floating reservoirs for stored gas , in this case most likely fracked gas from North America; one of the dirtiest forms of fossil fuels. It makes a mockery of our ban on fracking here and our committmenst to reduce Co2 emmissions. Plans to build these are a way of locking us and Europe into another 50 years+ of reliance on fossil fuels and stopping the switch to renewable energy we and the planet desperately need. Fair play to environmentalists fighting this; for more info check these sites; Not Here, Not Anywhere NHNA – Friends of the Earth LNG strategy sessionFriends of the Irish Environment Friends of the Earth Ireland

Historic underfunding of water system by successive Fine Gael and Fianna Fail governments are the reasons for current infrastructure crisis. People Before Profit have outlined a number of measures that could be used to pay for water infrastructure upgrades and water services.

People Before Profit TD and spokesperson on water, Bríd Smith, has said that the blame for the crumbling nature of Ireland’s water infrastructure is down to historic underfunding by successive Fine Gael and Fianna Fail governments.The TD for Dublin South Central made her comments in the wake of the burst pipe in Drogheda which has cut of water to thousands of people in Louth and Meath East.

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Voluntary sector rent charges higher than many local authorities claims Brid Smith TD.Tenants face 1000 euro per year difference between local authority and voluntary housing rents”

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith has said that the rent charged by some voluntary housing agencies was out of synch with that charged by  local authorities  and needed firmer Government regulation. The deputy claimed that tenants cannot appeal rent rises by their voluntary agency to the RTB and effectively there was no control or oversight over these agencies.Read more »

Deputy Brid Smith today welcomed and supported the pay claims made by various groups of workers from both private and public sector.

 In leaders questions with the Taoiseach she pointed out the hypocrisy of recent  statements from Government ministers and others like John Moran , formerly Ministers Noonan’s Sec Gen at Finance.

Deputy Smith challenged the Taoiseach on why it is only worker’s wages that face constraints, while profits, rents, insurance costs or health care face no such constraints or limits. Only workers face the tough talking and posturing of Varadkar or Moran etc. she stated.Read more »

Bríd explains how the government, by changing the rules, will take more from pensioners than it gives them, particularly female pensioners. She annouced her intention to propose an amendment that will go some way towards addressing the injustice done to women through the government’s pensions scheme, in the Dáil Nov 9, 2016.


Brid speaking against a bill that proposes criminalising those who buy sex, arguing it would drive prostituion further underground and that it would put sex-workers, who are already vulnerable, in a worse situation. We should instead consult with the sex workers themselves look at the research in this area who shows criminalising the punter doesn’t help the women, rather the opposite.



Speaking to the Dáil, Bríd Smith TD outlined the record of our government. We promised to take 4,000 refugees, we agreed 500 under the Resettlement programme; so far we’ve taken 69 under the Relocation programme. 600 children alone, died so far this year fleeing war.