“Bully boy tactics will not defeat Ryanair workers” says Brid Smith TD.

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Ryanair sackings are attempt intimidate staff in union dispute

TD claims Spanish dismissals show Ryanair contempt for its workers.
Bully boy tactics will not defeat Ryanair workers” says Brid Smith TD.
The dismissal of four cabin crew at Ryanair in Spain has been slammed by Brid Smith TD as another example of the real intent of Ryanair’s management in the ongoing dispute with its workforce.
Deputy Smith rejected the company’s justification of the sackings and said fatigue and overworking are real issues at the  airline and workers should have a legal entitlement to refuse to operate outside the hours they are contracted to work.
These sackings highlight the core issues at the heart of the pilots dispute; its about workers having some security and control over the hours and shifts they work; its a basic trade union issue and this fits a pattern where Ryanair attempt to browbeat and bully its workers”
The TD said the sackings where a clear effort to intimidate workers in the run up to next weeks strikes across Europe. “It wont work, Ryanair’s workers are unionising and I hope their example inspires many more across the whole industry; the days of using bogus self employment contracts and refusing to recognise worker’s right to be in a union are over, and Ryanair need to understand that.” 
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